Trip to Serbia, Kosovo and Metohija July 20 - Aug 5, 2021


August 3

Hello All,

Before I go on any further, I need to give a big thank you and a huge appreciation to Mira for sending to all of you the reports of our trip.

The connections were terrible, so as you are used to daily reports became very difficult. Mira and I sat and went over the notes and she finished the reports for me on her computer. So grateful Miro.

August 4-5

Hi All, I left you all last time by telling you of our trip to Zemlja Zivih.

As you all know we are building a room (a little house) for their meetings, talks and any gatherings that they need to survive the very difficult times that these men have to go through to get back to

somewhat normal life. As before I got the same feeling as I did the first time, I visited them. They shared with us the stories of how they got there and how they want to succeed back. So, touching to me to hear them with tears in my eyes, especially since that is how we lost our son last year to an addiction.

The house should be finished in about a week (so they say)


Father Branko Curcin, coordinator Andrej and Father Selievir joined us for the time we spent with these lost men looking to be found…They will

They really need a car, and I would love to get them a nice used car. I will speak with you about how we can accomplish that.

Went to Monastery Kovilj, beautiful. Had watermelon and back to the hotel.

Hello All,

I woke up this morning not knowing where I was, and then with a smile on my face to myself I said “thank you God” I was home safe and sound.

I wasn’t certain that I would make this trip this year but blessed that all went well, and we accomplished what we went for, and discovered much more that needs to be done.

The heat was almost unbearable, but we made it and that was very rewarding to me. Mira and Zoran as always had the schedule all arranged and set for a smooth and carefree travel. Thank you.

I must thank Vicki and Vesna for the work that needed to be done for the upcoming event we are hosting Saturday. It could not have been possible without the two of them!!!!! And they did it without me. True dedication.

So long for now.

We are back home safe and sound. All has been accomplished for what we went for and much more that we can help our people with.

I was so blessed in my life that “I feel” and all of us must help Kosovo and Metohija and Serbia, as much as we are able.

Until the next trip, lets share our blessings by purchaseing the tractor, water well, used car, and helpling the many families that are in need.