At noon we met with Djordjevic family at Office Shoes on Knez Mihailova Street. An idea was, as well as tradition, that every year we purchase shoes for families. Some meaningful sort of Christmas giving.

To describe the excitement of those children when one can choose any type of shoes, boots, tennis shoes and not worry about the cost and expanse to the parents’ budget is priceless.

Djordjevic family has nine kids. The oldest Mirjana is in college and the youngest Sava is six years old.

Djordjevic family story is very interesting. Father Ljubisa was born and raised in Beograd. An engineer by profession he worked for about 16 years for an international company holding some leadership position.

Realizing that city life is not healthy for the upbringing of his children, thirteen years ago he bought the house in village below Avala Mountain and started new life from ground zero. Ljubisa and his wife Jela, started raising goats and producing cheese, all types of cheeses.

Today he has 125 goats that he takes care of. In taking care of the goats, children are taking an important role. When he can-not take goats to the field, boys are helping. And the girls are very skilled in making cheeses. All of the children are great students. Wife is employed by The Faculty of Music.

Upon purchase of shoes, we took the whole family to the restaurant for lunch.

During lunch we sang Christmas songs and had much fun.

It is not possible to describe the joy being surrounded by members of this family!